Chop Suey! (song)

"Chop Suey!"
Single by System of a Down
from the album Toxicity
ReleasedAugust 13, 2001 (2001-08-13)[1]
RecordedFebruary 2001 (2001-02) – March 2001 (2001-03) (Cello Studios, Hollywood, California, US)
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"Chop Suey!"
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UK Import CD 1 single cover of "Chop Suey!"
UK Import CD 1 single cover of "Chop Suey!"
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UK Import CD 2 single cover of "Chop Suey!"
UK Import CD 2 single cover of "Chop Suey!"
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Promo cover
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"Chop Suey!" (originally, and sometimes still mistakenly called "Suicide") is the first single from Armenian-American heavy metal band System of a Down's second album Toxicity. The single was released in August 2001 and earned the band its first Grammy nomination in 2002 for Best Metal Performance. Loudwire included the song in its list of The Best Hard Rock Songs Of The 21st Century, where it was ranked at number one.[5] "Chop Suey!" is often seen as the band's signature song.


In an interview,[6] Daron Malakian explained, "The song is about how we are regarded differently depending on how we pass. Everyone deserves to die. Like, if I were now to die from drug abuse, they might say I deserved it because I abused dangerous drugs. Hence the line, 'I cry when angels deserve to die'. The lyric passages 'Father, into your hands I commend my spirit' and 'why have you forsaken me?' are a reference to Jesus' death on the cross, as, according to the Gospels, it was one of the seven things Jesus said while dying."

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