Chilean presidential election, 1946

Presidential election, 1946
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Turnout 75.93% Decrease5.4%
  Gabriel Gonzalez Videla (recortada).jpg ECruzCoke.jpg
Candidate Gabriel González Videla Eduardo Cruz-Coke
Party Radical Conservative
Alliance Democratic Alliance National Falange
Popular vote 192,207 142,441
Percentage 40.2% 29.81%
Confirmation 138 46

  FAlessandriR.jpg Bernardo Ibáñez Aguila.jpg
Candidate Fernando Alessandri Bernardo Ibáñez
Party Liberal Socialist
Popular vote 131,023 12,114
Percentage 27.42% 2.54%
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Presidential elections were held in Chile on September 4, 1946. [1] The result was a victory for Gabriel González Videla of the Radical Party, who received 40% of the public vote and 75% of the Congressional vote.

Electoral system

The election was held using the absolute majority system, under which a candidate had to receive over 50% of the popular vote to be elected. If no candidate received over 50% of the vote, both house of the National Congress would come together to vote on the two candidates that received the most votes. [2]