Chequers — the official country residence of British Prime Ministers since 1921.
Chequers is located in Buckinghamshire
Location within Buckinghamshire
Chequers is located in England
Chequers (England)
General information
TypeCountry house
LocationBuckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Coordinates51°44′36″N 0°46′55″W / 51°44′36″N 0°46′55″W / 51.74333; -0.781941565
Listed Building – Grade I
Official nameChequers
Designated21 June 1955
Reference no.1125879
Official nameChequers
Designated30 August 1987
Reference no.1000595

Chequers, or Chequers Court, is the country house of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. A 16th century manor house in origin, it is located near the village of Ellesborough, halfway between Princes Risborough and Wendover in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom, at the foot of the Chiltern Hills. It is about 40 miles (65 km) north west of central London. Coombe Hill, once part of the estate, is located two thirds of a mile northeast. Chequers has been the country home of the Prime Minister since 1921. The house is listed Grade I on the National Heritage List for England.[1]

Origin of the name

The name Chequers may derive from an early owner of the manor of Ellesborough in the 12th century, Elias Ostiarius (or de Scaccario).[2] The name "Ostiarius" meant an usher of the Court of the Exchequer and scacchiera means a chess board in Italian. Elias Ostiarius' coat of arms included the chequer board of the Exchequer, so it is possible the estate is named after his arms and position at court. The house passed through generations of the Scaccario family (spelt many different ways) until it seems to have passed into the D'Awtrey family, whose name was eventually anglicised to Hawtrey.

A different explanation of the name is that the house is named after the chequer trees (Sorbus torminalis) that grow in its grounds.[3] There is a reference to this in the book Elizabeth: Apprenticeship by David Starkey, which describes the early life of Elizabeth I.

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