Chepén, La Libertad, Perú
Main square of Chepén
Main square of Chepén
Chepén, La Libertad, Perú is located in Peru
Chepén, La Libertad, Perú
Chepén, La Libertad, Perú
Coordinates: 7°13′37.67″S 79°25′47.41″W / 7°13′37.67″S 79°25′47.41″W / -7.2271306; -79.4298361
Country Peru
RegionLa Libertad
 • MayorWilfredo Quesquén Terrones
Elevation131 m (430 ft)
Population (2007)
 • Estimate (2015)[1]45,897
 • Urban41,358
Time zoneUTC-5 (PET)

Chepén is a city of La Libertad Region and capital of the Chepén Province, in Peru. The city is a rice production center with the valleys of Chepén and Jequetepeque, and has an active trading with neighboring Guadalupe, Pacasmayo and San Pedro de Lloc and other towns. It has factories in industrial dyes, food and primary production.

Notable people

Ercila Rabínes de Terrones, founder of Ercila Rabínes de Terrones 180 school.

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