Scientific classification

Type species
Chascolytrum subaristatum

Chascolytrum is a genus of plants in the grass family, native to Latin America from Mexico to Chile (including the Juan Fernández Islands).[4][1][5][6]

  1. Chascolytrum altimontanum Essi, Souza-Chies & Longhi-Wagner - Bolivia
  2. Chascolytrum ambiguum (Hack.) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies - southern Brazil
  3. Chascolytrum bidentatum (Roseng., B.R.Arrill. & Izag.) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies - Uruguay, southern Brazil
  4. Chascolytrum brachychaetum (Ekman) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies - southern Brazil
  5. Chascolytrum brasiliense (Nees) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies - southern Brazil
  6. Chascolytrum brizoides (Lam.) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies - Buenos Aires, Uruguay, Rio Grande do Sul, Biobio
  7. Chascolytrum bulbosum (Parodi) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies - Uruguay, Brazil
  8. Chascolytrum calotheca (Trin.) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies - Colombia, Brazil , Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina
  9. Chascolytrum erectum (Lam.) Desv. - Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina
  10. Chascolytrum itatiaiae (Ekman) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies - southern Brazil
  11. Chascolytrum juergensii (Hack.) Essi, Souza-Chies & Longhi-Wagner - southern Brazil , Colombia
  12. Chascolytrum koelerioides (Trin.) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies - Chile
  13. Chascolytrum lamarckianum (Nees) Matthei - Brazil , Uruguay, Argentina
  14. Chascolytrum latifolium Essi, Souza-Chies & Longhi-Wagner - southeastern Brazil
  15. Chascolytrum monandrum (Hack.) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies - Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil , Argentina
  16. Chascolytrum paleapiliferum (Parodi) Matthei - northern Argentina
  17. Chascolytrum parodianum (Roseng., B.R.Arrill. & Izag.) Matthei - southern Brazil , Uruguay
  18. Chascolytrum poimorphum (J.Presl) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies - southern Brazil
  19. Chascolytrum rhomboideum (Link) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies - Chile
  20. Chascolytrum rufum J.Presl in C.B.Presl - Brazil , Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina; naturalised in New Zealand
  21. Chascolytrum scabrum (Nees ex Steud.) Matthei - southern Brazil
  22. Chascolytrum subaristatum (Lam.) Desv. - Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile (including the Juan Fernández Islands), Argentina, Paraguay, southern Brazil, Uruguay; naturalised in Cape Province and in New South Wales
  23. Chascolytrum uniolae (Nees) Essi, Longhi-Wagner & Souza-Chies - Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, southern Brazil , Uruguay; naturalised in Puerto Rico
formerly included[3]

see Neesiochloa

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