The Municipality of Caucaia
Cumbuco Beach
Cumbuco Beach
Nickname(s): Caucaiense
Location of Caucaia
Caucaia is located in Brazil
Location in Brazil
Coordinates: 03°43′58″S 38°39′21″W / 03°43′58″S 38°39′21″W / -3.73278; -38.65583
Country Brazil
StateBandeira do Ceará.svg Ceará
FoundedOctober 15, 1759
 • MayorNaumi Gomes de Amorim (PMB)
 • Total1,227.899 km2 (474.094 sq mi)
Elevation29 m (95 ft)
Population (2010)
 • Total325,441
 • Density265.039/km2 (686.45/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (BST)

Caucaia is a Brazilian municipality in the state of Ceará As of 2015, it has a population of 353,932.[1]


Caucaia is close to the capital city of Fortaleza and is home to a state garden park. There is a market in the center of the town with fish, fruits, and souvenirs for the tourists. Caucaia can be reached by the train that departs from the center of the city by the Feiras in downtown. Buses depart to and from the city that can be accessed from Rodoviarias (bus stations).

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