Casual game

A casual game is a video game targeted at or used by casual gamers. Casual games may exhibit any type of gameplay or genre. They are typically distinguished by simple rules and by reduced demands on time and learned skill, in contrast to more complex hardcore games.[1] They typically impose low production and distribution costs on the producer.

Casual games are often played on a personal computer online in web browsers, but are also popular on game consoles and mobile phones. Casual gamers are typically older than traditional computer gamers,[2] and more often female,[3][4] with over 74% of casual gamers being female as of 2007.[5]


Most casual games have similar basic features:

  • Simple gameplay, like a puzzle game that can be played entirely using a one-button mouse or cellphone keypad
  • Familiarity, like a card game or board game[6]
  • Allowing gameplay in short bursts, during work breaks[6] or, in the case of portable and cell phone games, on public transportation
  • The ability to quickly reach a final stage,[7] or continuous play with no need to save the game
  • Some variant on a "try before you buy" business model or an advertising-based model

Every month, an estimated 200 million consumers play casual games online,[5] many of whom do not normally regard themselves as gamers, or fans of video games.

If sold at retail, casual games may have low prices to encourage impulse purchases, with colorful packaging and point of purchase sales displays.[6] Others are free on-line or free to download and try (but may provide a revenue by in-game advertising). Commercial studios create downloadable games, primarily available on the PC. These games are typically addictive and are limited trials to encourage casual gamers to buy a permanent "deluxe" version for a small price (typically $20 or less).[8] Recently, 100% free "full licensed versions" of casual games have become available through advertising.

Independent "indie" game developers often create free games for online play. These games have a wide range of gameplay styles, can be played on almost any computer, and have often been written to be played from within a web browser, using Flash or Shockwave. Their action, graphics and sound are often limited in contrast to downloadable titles, but can display advanced features such as 3D capabilities and multiplayer modes.

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