Carolyn Eisele

Carolyn Eisele (June 13, 1902, The Bronx, New York City – January 15, 2000, Manhattan, New York City[citation needed]) was an American mathematician and historian of mathematics known as an expert on the works of Charles Sanders Peirce.[1][2][3][4]

Education and career

Eisele was born on June 13, 1902, in The Bronx, New York City.[3] She studied at Hunter College High School and then Hunter College, graduating Phi Beta Kappa in 1923.[2][3] She earned a master's degree in mathematics and education from Columbia University in 1925.[2][3] At that time, Columbia did not offer Ph.D.s in mathematics to women, but Eisele continued her graduate studies at the University of Chicago (where she studied differential geometry) and the University of Southern California before returning home to New York, without a doctorate, to care for her injured father.[3] Her studies also included opera singing, with Jeanne Fourestier in Paris in 1931 and later with Los Angeles-based voice coach Morris Halpern, whom she married in 1943.[3]

Eisele taught mathematics at Hunter College for nearly 50 years.[3][4] She began teaching as an instructor there after her college graduation in 1923,[1][2][3] eventually reached the rank of full professor in 1965,[1][2] and retired in 1972.[3]

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