Viceroyalty of Carchemish / Kingdom of Carchemish

c. 1321 BC–717 BC
Carchemish among the Neo-Hittite states
Carchemish among the Neo-Hittite states
Common languagesHittite, Hieroglyphic Luwian
Hittite-Luwian religion
Historical eraBronze Age, Iron Age
• Established
c. 1321 BC
• Disestablished
717 BC
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Neo-Assyrian Empire
Today part of Turkey

Carchemish (ʃ/ KEM-ish), also spelled Karkemish (Hittite: Karkamiš;[1] Turkish: Karkamış; Greek: Εὔρωπος, Europos; Latin: Europus), was an important ancient capital in the northern part of the region of Syria. At times during its history the city was independent, but it was also part of the Mitanni, Hittite and Neo-Assyrian Empires. Today it is on the frontier between Turkey and Syria.

It was the location of an important battle, about 605 BC, between the Babylonians and Egyptians, mentioned in the Bible (Jer. 46:2). Modern neighbouring cities are Karkamış in Turkey and Jarabulus in Syria (also Djerablus, Jerablus, Jarablos, Jarâblos);[2] the original form of the modern toponym seems to have been Djerabis or Jerabis, likely derived from Europos, the ancient name of the Hellenistic-Roman settlement.[3]

Geography of the site

Carchemish is now an extensive set of ruins (90 hectares, of which 55 lie in Turkey and 35 in Syria), located on the West bank of Euphrates River, about 60 kilometres (37 mi) southeast of Gaziantep, Turkey, and 100 kilometres (62 mi) northeast of Aleppo, Syria. The site is crossed by the Baghdad Railway that now forms the Turco-Syrian border. The site includes an acropolis along the river, an Inner Town encircled by earthen ramparts and an Outer Town (most of which lies in Syrian territory). A Turkish military base has been estabilished at the site and access but only the acropolis is presently of restricted access.

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