Cadereyta Jiménez, Nuevo León

Cadereyta Jiménez
Cadereyta Jiménez is located in Mexico
Cadereyta Jiménez
Cadereyta Jiménez
Coordinates: 25°36′N 100°00′W / 25°36′N 100°00′W / 25.600; -100.000UTC-5 (

Cadereyta Jiménez is both the name of a city as well as of a municipality in the Mexican state of Nuevo León.

The municipality of Cadereyta Jiménez is located in the central part of the state, 360 meters above sea level, at 25' 36" N latitude and 100' 00" W longitude. The municipality has a territorial extension of 1,004.4 km² (387.8 sq mi). It borders the following municipalities, all of which are in the state of Nuevo León: to the north, Juárez and Pesquería; to the south, Allende, Montemorelos and General Terán; to the east, General Terán and Los Ramones; to the west, Juárez and Santiago.

The city of Cadereyta Jiménez, which is the seat of the municipality and its main population center had a 2005 census population of 56,552, the ninth-largest city in the state. However, within the municipality there are numerous other villages, the largest of which are: San Juan, Ejido Palmitos, La Calzada, El Alamito, Pueblo Nuevo, Cereso Cadereyta, Atongo de Abajo and Palmitos. The municipality had an official population of 73,746, also the ninth-largest in the state.

Historical Review of the Foundation of Cadereyta Jiménez

In 1692, after a great flood, the town was relocated to the left side of the Santa Catarina river, 4.5 kilometers from its original location. In 1762, authorities and residents requested permission from Gubernator Carlos de Velasco to move back to the right side of the river, as they were going through a decade-long drought, and the terrain made it difficult for them to move water from the river to the inhabited area. This move to the new site occurred in February 1763. On March 28, 1825, the State Congress, at the request of Gubernator Antonio Rodriguez Leal, recategorized the community as a city and renamed it Cadereyta Jimenez. Its original name honored the sixteenth viceroy of New Spain, don Lope Diaz de Armendariz, marquis of Cadereyta, and General Mariano Jimenez, precursor of the Independence of Nuevo Reino de Leon. Since 1638, the jurisdiction of the village San Juan Bautista de Cadereyta; Gubernator Zavala mark it from the west part until Tampico port. This enormous territory lasted until 1742, when the colony of Nuevo Santander (Tamaulipas) was founded. This colony was largely inhabited by people from Cadereyta.