The departmental council and prefectural building in Saint-Brieuc
The departmental council and prefectural building in Saint-Brieuc
Flag of Côtes-d'Armor
Coat of arms of Côtes-d'Armor
Coat of arms
Location of Côtes-d'Armor in France
Location of Côtes-d'Armor in France
Coordinates: 48°20′N 02°50′E / 48°20′N 02°50′E / 48.333; 2.833 French Land Register data, which exclude estuaries, and lakes, ponds, and glaciers larger than 1 km2

Côtes-d'Armor (French pronunciation: ​[kot daʁmɔʁ]; Breton: Aodoù-an-Arvor), formerly known as Côtes-du-Nord, is a department in the north of Brittany, in northwestern France.


Côtes-du-Nord was one of the original 83 departments created on 4 March 1790 following the French Revolution. It was made up from the near entirety of the ancient Pays de Saint-Brieuc, most of historical Trégor, the eastern half of Cornouaille, and the north-western part of the former diocese of Saint-Malo.

In 1990 the name was changed to Côtes-d'Armor: the French word côtes means "coasts" and ar mor is "the sea" in Breton. The name also recalls that of the Roman province of Armorica ("the coastal region").

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