Byaroza District

Byaroza District (Belarusian language: Бярозаўскі раён) is an raion of the Brest Region of Belarus with the center in Byaroza. The district is located in northwestern Polesia.

The district was formed in 1940 after the Soviet annexation of West Belarus.

In 1958–1967 the Byaroza hydroelectric power station was built. The town of Byelaazyorsk was built for the power station workers in 1958.

There are two biological reserves in the district, near villages Sporava and Buslowka.


At the time of the Belarus Census (2009), Byaroza District had a population of 66,988. Of these, 90.8% were of Belarusian, 5.7% Russian, 1.8% Ukrainian and 1.0% Polish ethnicity. 61.7% spoke Belarusian and 36.2% Russian as their native language.

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