Buzz McCoy

Buzz McCoy (born Marston Daley) is one of the founding members of industrial disco band My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult.


Buzz McCoy and friend Groovie Mann (Frankie Nardiello) had been working together on a film titled My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult in 1987. The film was never finished, but the title inspired the name of their new band, and its soundtrack was released as an EP with Wax Trax! Records.[1]

In 1991, McCoy collaborated with KMFDM founder Sascha Konietzko to work on another musical project, Excessive Force.[2] They released one album before parting ways, though Konietzko went on to release another album without McCoy.[3]

In 2001, McCoy and Mann formed SleazeBox Records as a vehicle for their side projects. McCoy co-wrote and produced the album "Chemical Messiah" by Cherrie Blue (Ruth MacArdle aka Lady Galore from the Belgium techno group Lords Of Acid). In 2012 he wrote and produced "A Taste 4 Trouble" by Bomb Gang Girlz (The back-up group of female singers for the Thrill Kill Kult). He also released his first solo album "Moda" in 2017.

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