Buulo Mareer

Bulo Marer
Bulo Marer is located in Somalia
Bulo Marer
Bulo Marer
Location in Somalia.
Coordinates: 1°37′55″N 44°31′20″E / 1°37′55″N 44°31′20″E / 1.63194; 44.52222Somalia
RegionLower Shebelle
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Bulo Marer (Somali: Buulo Mareer), also written as Bulomarer, is a town in the southwestern Lower Shebelle region of Somalia. It was a base of Al-Shabaab, and was the site of an ill-fated 2013 military operation during which French commandos attempted to free a French hostage that was being held by the insurgent group.[1]The town was taken by Somali government forces assisted by AMISOM troops after a battle on August 30, 2014.[2] It was the site of the 2018 African Union base attack in Bulo Marer.


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