Burnt Pine

Burnt Pine
Norfolk Island
Burnt Pine in Norfolk Island, Australia.jpg
Town of Burnt Pine in Norfolk Island, Australia.
Burnt Pine is located in Norfolk Island
Burnt Pine
Burnt Pine
Coordinates29°2′S 167°57′E / 29°2′S 167°57′E / -29.033; 167.950
Population180 (2007)
Time zoneNFT (UTC+11)
Location3 km (2 mi) NW of Kingston

Burnt Pine (Norfuk language Ban Pain[1]) is the largest town on Norfolk Island (in the Pacific Ocean located between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia). It is the main commercial hub of the island, and travel from one side of the island to another generally involves passing through Burnt Pine. The central part of the town is marked by shops and cafés, a roundabout, Kentia Palm street trees and angle parking.


The town is located on a roughly east–west-aligned ridge of volcanic soils, about 100 metres (330 feet) above sea level. The headwaters of Cascade Creek and Broken Bridge Creek (northern side) and Watermill Creek (southern side) flow from just below the ridge.[2]

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