A view of the fortress from the north
Buhen is located in Sudan
Shown within Sudan
LocationNorthern, Sudan
RegionOld Kingdom
Coordinates21°55′N 31°17′E / 21°55′N 31°17′E / 21.917; 31.283
The Horus temple of Buhen in the Sudan National Museum

Buhen was an ancient Egyptian settlement situated on the West bank of the Nile below (to the North of) the Second Cataract in what is now Northern State, Sudan. On the East bank, across the river, there was another ancient settlement, where the town of Wadi Halfa now stands.

Old Kingdom

In the Old Kingdom (about 2686–2181 BC) it was the site of a small trading post in Nubia that was also used for copper working.[1] The settlement may have been established during the reign of Sneferu (4th dynasty). Nevertheless, there is evidence of still earlier, 2nd dynasty, occupation at Buhen.[2][3]

An archaeological investigation in 1962 revealed what was described as an ancient copper 'factory'.[4]

Graffiti and other inscribed items from the site show that the Egyptians stayed about 200 years, until late in the 5th dynasty, when they were probably forced out by immigration from the south.

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