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Buddha Bar
Buddha Bar in Monaco

The Buddha-Bar is a bar, restaurant, and hotel franchise created by French-Romanian restaurateur Raymond Vișan and DJ and interior designer Claude Challe, with its original location having opened in Paris, France in 1996.[1] The Buddha Bar "soon became a reference among foreign yuppies and wealthy tourists visiting the city",[1] and "has spawned numerous imitators",[2] becoming popular in part because of the DJ's choice of eclectic, avant-garde music. It became known internationally for issuing the Buddha Bar compilation albums, which are popular compilations of lounge, chill-out music and world music, also under the Buddha Bar brand,[1] released by George V Records. Buddha Bar "has made a name for itself with its Zen lounge music CDs and remains a hit – especially with tourists".[3] Locations have since been opened in a number of other countries, although not without controversy arising from the theme.


Buddha Bar in Paris.

The original restaurant is a Buddha-themed "upscale bar-restaurant with an orientalist 'lounge' ambience" serving Asian cuisine,[1] with a two-story dining area dominated by a large statue of Buddha, and an upstairs bar in the form of a large, ornate dragon. The theme was inspired by the discovery of the space to be used, an antique basement archive with a mezzanine, "which suggested to the architects the idea of an oriental temple and its Buddha".[4]

Buddha Bar venues have been opened in various other locations, including Marrakesh, Beirut, Budapest,[5] Cairo,[6] Dubai,[7] London,[8] Manila, Kiev,[9] Moscow, Milan, Mexico City, Monte Carlo,[10], Prague[11], Mykonos and Santorini. In June 2012, a Washington, D.C. location closed after two years of operations, having "struggled after a poor critical reception"; while a New York City location was forced to change its name.[12]

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