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Boys' Life
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The cover of Boys' Life, October 2007 issue
Editorial DirectorMichael Goldman
Staff writersAaron Derr, Paula Murphey, Clay Swartz
CategoriesBoy Scouts of America
PublisherBoy Scouts of America[1]
Total circulation
First issueMarch 1911 (regular edition)
CountryUnited States
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Boys' Life is the monthly magazine of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Its target readers are between the ages of 6 and 18. The magazine‘s headquarters are in Irving, Texas.[3][4][5]

Boys' Life is published in two demographic editions. Both editions often have the same cover, but are tuned to the target audience through the inclusion of 16–20 pages of unique content per edition.

The first edition is suitable for the youngest members of Cub Scouting, the 6-to-10-year-old Cub Scouts and first-year Webelos Scouts. The second edition is appropriate for 11-to-18-year-old boys, which includes second-year Webelos through 18-year-old Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts and Venturers.[6] If the subscription is obtained through registration in the Boy Scouts of America program, the publisher selects the appropriate edition based on the boy's age.

In June 2007, Boys' Life garnered four Distinguished Achievement Awards conferred by the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP), including Periodical of the Year.[7]

The magazine's mascot is Pedro the Mailburro, who answers readers' letters and is the subject of a comic strip.


Norman Rockwell's first Boys' Life cover, 1913

In 1911, George S. Barton, of Somerville, Massachusetts, founded and published the first edition of Boys' Life magazine. It was edited by 18-year old Joe Lane of Providence, Rhode Island.[8][9] He called it Boys' and Boy Scouts' Magazine. At that time there were three major competing Scouting organizations: the American Boy Scouts, New England Boy Scouts, and Boy Scouts of America (BSA).[1]

Five thousand copies were printed of the first issue of Barton's Boys' Life, published on January 1, 1911. The more widely accepted first edition is the version published on March 1, 1911. With this issue, the magazine was expanded from eight to 48 pages, the page size was reduced, and a two-color cover was added. In 1912, the Boy Scouts of America purchased the magazine, and made it an official BSA magazine.[1] BSA paid $6,000, $1 per subscriber, for the magazine.[8]

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