Border barrier

A border barrier is a separation barrier that runs along an international border. Such barriers are typically constructed for border control purposes such as curbing illegal immigration, human trafficking, and smuggling.[1][2] In cases of a disputed or unclear border, erecting a barrier can serve as a de facto unilateral consolidation of a territorial claim that can supersede formal delimitation.

Examples of border walls include the ancient Great Wall of China, a series of walls separating China from nomadic empires to the north. The construction of border barriers increased in the early 2000s; half of all the border barriers built since World War II ended in 1945 were built after 2000.[3]

List of current barriers

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Name Country Built Length (km) Type
Belize–Guatemala Belize Proposed, agreed N/A Disputed territory and anti-illegal immigration
Botswana/Zimbabwe Botswana and Zimbabwe 2003 500 Anti-illegal immigration
Brunei/Limbang Brunei and Limbang 2005 20 Anti-illegal immigration
Bulgaria/Turkey Bulgaria 2014 30 Anti-illegal immigration
Ceuta border fence Spain 2001 8 Anti-illegal immigration
China/Hong Kong Hong Kong 1960s – early 32 Anti-illegal immigration
Costa Rica/Nicaragua Costa Rica Proposed N/A Anti-illegal immigration
Chinese–Korean border fence China and North Korea Under construction 1,416 Anti-illegal emigration
Egypt–Gaza barrier Egypt 1979, subterranean barrier under construction 3.1 Anti-terrorism and anti-illegal immigration
Estonia–Russia border fence Estonia and Russia Planned 106–108 Against Russian intrusion, illegal trade and illegal immigration
Macedonia–Greece barrier Macedonia 2015 30 Anti-illegal immigration
Malaysia–Thailand border Thailand and Malaysia Proposed 650 Anti-terrorism
Melilla border fence Spain 1998 11 Anti-illegal immigration
Hungary–Serbia barrier Hungary 2015 175 Anti-illegal immigration
Hungary–Croatia barrier Hungary 2015 41 Anti-illegal immigration
India–Bangladesh barrier India Under construction 3,268 Anti-illegal immigration
India–Myanmar barrier India Under construction 1,624 Anti-drug smuggling and anti-terrorism
Indian Kashmir barrier India 2004 550 Anti-terrorism (disputed territory)
Iran–Pakistan barrier Iran and Pakistan Under construction 700 Anti-drug smuggling
Kazakhstan–Uzbekistan barrier Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan 2006 45 Anti-drug smuggling
Korean Demilitarized Zone North Korea and South Korea 1953 248 Conflict zone
Kruger National Park South Africa and Mozambique 1975 120 Anti-illegal immigration
South Africa/Zimbabwe Border South Africa 2000s 225 Anti-illegal immigration, anti-drug smuggling, anti-weapon smuggling
Kuwait–Iraq barrier Kuwait and Iraq 1991 193 Conflict zone
Pakistan–Afghanistan barrier Pakistan Under construction 2,400 Anti-terrorism
Saudi–Yemen barrier Saudi Arabia and Yemen 2004 75 Anti-illegal immigration
Saudi–Iraq barrier Saudi Arabia and Iraq 2014 900 Anti-illegal immigration and conflict zone
Slovenia–Croatia barrier Slovenia under construction N/A Anti-illegal immigration
Turkey–Syria border barrier Turkey Under construction 828 Anti-terrorism, anti-illegal immigration and smuggling
Turkey–Iran border barrier Turkey Under construction 144 Anti-terrorism, anti-illegal immigration and smuggling
Turkmen–Uzbekistan barrier Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan 2001 1,700 Anti-illegal immigration
Ukraine–Russia barrier Ukraine and Russia Under construction 2,000 Anti Weapon Smuggling and Conflict zone
United Arab Emirates–Oman barrier United Arab Emirates and Oman Under construction 410 Anti-illegal immigration
Mexico–United States barrier United States Proposed; Partially Constructed 930 Anti-illegal immigration and drug smuggling
Uzbek–Afghanistan barrier Uzbekistan and Afghanistan 2001 209 Anti-illegal immigration
Uzbek–Kyrgyzstan barrier Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan 1999 870 Conflict zone

Border Barriers in the World

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