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Coat of arms of Bogno
Coat of arms
Location of Bogno
Bogno is located in Switzerland
Bogno is located in Canton of Ticino
Coordinates: 46°05′N 9°04′E / 46°05′N 9°04′E / 46.083; 9.067

Bogno is a former municipality in the district of Lugano in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. On 14 April 2013 the former municipalities of Bogno, Cadro, Carona, Certara, Cimadera, Valcolla and Sonvico merged into the municipality of Lugano.[1]


Bogno is first mentioned in the 13th Century as Bonio.[2] It grew into a permanent settlement from the seasonal herding camps around the alpine pastures. The pastures were originally used by the inhabitants of the settlements of Sonvico, Colla, Insone, Scareglia, Signora and Piandera.[2]

The church of S. Rocco is first mentioned in 1591. It was renovated and extended in 1780. In 1811, it was demolished by the parish of Colla.[2]

The agricultural community maintained close relations with the neighboring Italian villages of the Val Cavargna which were reached by crossing the 1,541 m (5,056 ft) high S. Lucio pass. Throughout most of its history the village was isolated from most of the rest of the country. This changed in 1854 when the first road was built into the valley. About three decades later, in 1886, another road was completed. The new roads tied the village more closely with the city of Lugano. In the 20th Century, the population dropped sharply because fewer agriculture jobs forced the residents to migrate to Lugano. Many houses have been converted to second homes and vacation homes. The main businesses in the municipality are a carpenter and an inn.[2]

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