Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof

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Bob Geldof in October 2014
Background information
Birth nameRobert Frederick Zenon Geldof
Born (1951-10-05) 5 October 1951 (age 67)
Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin, Ireland
Occupation(s)Musician, singer-songwriter, activist, philanthropist, actor, Radio DJ
Years active1975–present
Associated acts

Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof, KBE (f/;[1] born 5 October 1951) is an Irish singer-songwriter, author, political activist, and occasional actor. He rose to prominence as the lead singer of the Irish rock band the Boomtown Rats in the late 1970s, who achieved popularity at the time of the punk rock movement. The band had UK number one hits with his compositions "Rat Trap" and "I Don't Like Mondays".[2][3] Geldof co-wrote "Do They Know It's Christmas?", one of the best-selling singles of all time,[2][4][5] and starred in Pink Floyd's 1982 film Pink Floyd – The Wall as "Pink".

Geldof is widely recognised for his activism, especially anti-poverty efforts concerning Africa.[6] In 1984, he and Midge Ure founded the charity supergroup Band Aid to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia.[4] They went on to organise the charity super-concert Live Aid the following year and the Live 8 concerts in 2005.[7] Geldof currently serves as an adviser to the ONE Campaign, co-founded by fellow Irish rock singer and activist Bono,[8] and is a member of the Africa Progress Panel (APP), a group of ten distinguished individuals who advocate at the highest levels for equitable and sustainable development in Africa. A single father, Geldof has also been outspoken for the fathers' rights movement.[9]

Geldof was appointed Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) by Elizabeth II, and is a recipient of the Man of Peace title which recognises individuals who have made "an outstanding contribution to international social justice and peace", among numerous other awards and nominations.[10][11] In 2005, he received the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music.

Early life

Geldof was born and brought up in Dún Laoghaire, Ireland, a son of Robert and Evelyn Geldof.[4][12] His paternal grandfather, Zenon Geldof, was a Belgian immigrant[13] and a hotel chef.[13][14] His paternal grandmother, Amelia Falk, was a British Jew from London.[13][14][15] When Geldof was six or seven, his mother, Evelyn, 41, died of a cerebral haemorrhage[citation needed].

Geldof attended Blackrock College, where he was bullied for being a poor rugby player and for his middle name, Zenon.[16] After work as a slaughterman, a road navvy and pea canner in Wisbech, he was hired as a music journalist in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, for The Georgia Straight.[17] He briefly guest hosted the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation children's program Switchback.

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