Street Fighter series character
Super Blanka.png
Blanka in Super Street Fighter II, drawn by Bengus
First gameStreet Fighter II (1991)
Designed byAkira Yasuda
Voiced byEnglish
Kevin Seymour (The Animated Movie)
Scott McNeil (The Animated Series)
Taliesin Jaffe (2008–present)
Unshō Ishizuka (The Animated Movie)
Go Yamane (Street Fighter EX series)
Yūji Ueda (1998–present)
Motion captureKim Repia (The Movie game)
Portrayed byRobert Mammone (The Movie)
Fictional profile

Blanka (Japanese: ブランカ, Hepburn: Buranka) is a fictional character in Capcom's Street Fighter fighting game series. He first appeared in the 1991 video game Street Fighter II as one of eight playable characters, and was subsequently featured in sequel and spin-off games. Blanka is also present in a number of Capcom's crossover games, including the SNK vs. Capcom series. The character has appeared in other media adaptations of the franchise, including an animated film, a live-action movie, an animated television series, a comic book and manga series.

Blanka was originally designed as a human character by Akira "Akiman" Yasuda, and underwent several re-conceptualizations during the production of Street Fighter II before reaching his final depiction as a feral savage with green skin and long orange hair. Blanka's backstory is that he was once human, but after a plane crash in Brazil he mutated (resulting in his green coloring and his ability to generate electricity). Blanka was generally well received by critics and fans, becoming one of the most popular characters in the franchise.

Conception and design


Designed by Akira "Akiman" Yasuda, the concept behind Blanka emerged in an early design as an African man named Anabebe who was raised by a lion.[1] After the release of Final Fight, Capcom again approached Street Fighter II and considered several designs for the Blanka character (including a masked wrestler modeled after Tiger Mask and a ninja-style warrior).[1][2] His design later changed to a large man with thick hair and sideburns, named "Hammer Blanka".[3] The staff then adopted Blanka's feral appearance, because they felt the game would be "dull" with only human characters.[4]


Blanka's most prominent physical characteristic is his green color, initially attributed to his consumption of chlorophyll from plants to blend into his jungle environment.[5][6] However, when Street Fighter was brought to the U.S., Blanka's coloring was attributed to his being struck by lightning during the electrical storm in which his plane crashed.[7][8] In Street Fighter II Blanka's skin is yellowish-green, but later versions of the character are bright green.[9]

Blanka fights in a self-taught, animalistic style.[5][10] In several of his special moves he rolls into a ball, launching himself at an opponent.[5][11][12] In Blanka's signature attack, he crouches and emits an electric current shocking anything it touches.[5][13][14] Although Blanka growls in combat,[15] except for Street Fighter Alpha 3 he uses words in cutscenes.[16][17][18][19]

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