Beside You in Time

Beside You in Time
Video by
ReleasedFebruary 26, 2007 (2007-02-26)
Recorded2005–06 throughout North America
Length122 minutes
DirectorRob Sheridan
ProducerTrent Reznor
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Beside You in Time is the third video album by American industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, released in Europe on February 26, 2007 and in the United States on February 27, 2007. The video documents the band's 2006 Live: With Teeth Tour, and is available on DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray formats. An edited version of the video aired on DirecTV's The 101 Network in March 2007.

The video is the final release to include the Nothing Records logo, and the label's last album, since it was declared extinct after the release date.


Prior to the concert dates, Trent Reznor announced on the message board for the band's official website, The Spiral, that two consecutive shows on the Live: With Teeth Tour (namely, March 28, 2006 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and March 30, 2006 in El Paso, Texas) would be filmed in high-definition video for future release. The footage from these shows was used for the main feature of Beside You in Time. Several songs played at the filmed concerts in March were not included on the official track-listing:[1] "Sin", which was played on March 28; "Every Day Is Exactly the Same", "Even Deeper" and "Suck", which were all played on both dates; and pre-recorded intro tracks "Pilgrimage", as used on March 28, and "Pinion", as used on March 30.

Footage of the band's summer 2006 amphitheatre tour (featuring a significantly different light show than the arena tour), which was filmed "sporadically" on hand-held consumer HDV cameras throughout the last thirteen shows of the tour, supplements the main feature. Including this bonus footage, Beside You In Time features high-definition video and surround sound for 8 songs from With Teeth, 2 from The Fragile, 4 from The Downward Spiral, 3 from Broken, 3 from Pretty Hate Machine, 1 standalone single ("Burn"), and 1 previously unreleased song ("Non-Entity"). Six of these songs overlap with those in the previously released live footage on Closure, and seven overlap with the And All That Could Have Been DVD.[2]

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