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The Besbre at Jaligny-sur-Besbre
Physical characteristics
Main sourceMassif Central
River mouthLoire
46°33′10″N 3°43′54″E / 46°33′10″N 3°43′54″E / Loire-Allier)
Length103 km (64 mi)
Basin features
ProgressionLoireAtlantic Ocean
Basin size762 km2 (294 sq mi)

The Besbre is a river in central France, a left tributary of the river Loire. Its source is on the mountain of Puy de Montoncel, northeast of Thiers, in the Massif Central. The Besbre flows generally north, through the following departments and towns:

The Besbre flows into the river Loire 3 kilometres (2 mi) north of Dompierre-sur-Besbre.

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