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Coat of arms of Bensheim
Coat of arms
Location of Bensheim
Bensheim is located in Germany
Bensheim is located in Hesse
Coordinates: 49°40′0″N 8°37′0″E / 49°40′0″N 8°37′0″E / 49.66667; 8.61667
Admin. regionDarmstadt
 • MayorRolf Richter (CDU)
 • Total57.83 km2 (22.33 sq mi)
115 m (377 ft)
 • Total40,326
 • Density700/km2 (1,800/sq mi)
Time zoneCET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes
Dialling codes06251

Bensheim is a town in the Bergstraße district in southern Hesse, Germany. Bensheim lies on the Bergstraße and at the edge of the Odenwald mountains while at the same time having an open view over the Rhine plain. With about 40,000 inhabitants (2016), it is the district's biggest town.



The town lies at the eastern edge of the Rhine rift on the slopes of the western Odenwald on the Bergstraße. The nearest major cities are Darmstadt (some 22 km (14 mi) to the north), Heidelberg (some 35 km (22 mi) to the south), Worms (some 18 km (11 mi) to the west) and Mannheim (some 32 km (20 mi) to the southwest). The district seat of Heppenheim lies roughly 5 km (3 mi) to the south.

The Lauter flows through Bensheim, coming from the Lauter valley from the east, which after it passes through Bensheim is known as the Winkelbach. In the south of town runs the Meerbach, also coming from the Odenwald (but from the Zell valley). Mostly channelled underground and only coming above ground at the western edge of town is the Neuer Graben, or “New Channel”, which branches off the Lauter.

The Winkelbach at the Mittelbrücke

Neighbouring communities

Bensheim borders in the north on the town of Zwingenberg and the communities of Alsbach-Hähnlein und Seeheim-Jugenheim (both in Darmstadt-Dieburg), in the east on the community of Lautertal, in the south on the town of Heppenheim and in the west on the town of Lorsch and the community of Einhausen.

Constituent communities

City limits of Bensheim

Bensheim is roughly subdivided thus:

  • The main town east of the railway line (old town and outskirts) with many modern town expansion developments (for example the neighbourhoods of Brunnenweg, Metzendorf, Griesel, Meerbach and Hemsberg);
  • The Weststadt (“West Town”) west of the railway line (for example the neighbourhoods of Port Arthur, Marokko, Leibweh and Kappesgärten);
  • The outlying centre of Auerbach to the north of the main town on the Bergstraße;
  • The outlying centres of Hochstädten, Schönberg, Wilmshausen, Gronau and Zell in the nearer Odenwald valleys;
  • The outlying centres of Langwaden, Fehlheim and Schwanheim in the Hessisches Ried (part of the Rhine rift in Hesse).


Blossoming almond trees on Wormser Straße on 16 March 2007

Bensheim is especially well known, like other places along the Bergstraße as well, for its particularly mild and sunny climate with roughly 2,000 hours of sunshine yearly and Germany's earliest onset of spring. Under the Odenwald's protection, kiwifruit, almonds, figs and peaches thrive here, giving the Bergstraße the nickname “Germany’s Riviera”.

The town of Bensheim fosters almond tree cultivation, to name one example, in people's front gardens. Each year in Bensheim, there is even a Blütenkönigin (“Blossom Queen”). She is put forth every year by the Bensheim Automobile Club and for decades has been Bensheim's hallmark both within the country and abroad.

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