Battle of Tauberbischofsheim

Battle of Tauberbischofsheim
Part of the Austro-Prussian War
IR15 – Gefecht bei Bischofsheim und Werbach.jpg
Battlefield of Bischofsheim and Werbach
Date24 July 1866
ResultDecisive Prussian victory
Kingdom of Prussia Prussia
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Prussia Edwin von Manteuffel Alexander von Hessen-Darmstadt
60,000 PrussiansThe Federal 8th Corps (42,000 soldiers)
Casualties and losses
16 dead
107 wounded
3 missed or captured
126 total
62 dead
455 wounded
192 missed or captured
709 total [1]

The Battle of Tauberbischofsheim was an engagement of the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, on 24 July at Tauberbischofsheim in the Grand Duchy of Baden between troops of the German Confederation and the Kingdom of Prussia. It was part of the campaign of the Main and ended with a Prussian victory.

Preliminary campaign

After the Prussian Mainarmee (German for: army of the river Main) had beaten the Bavarians at Kissingen, the Bavarian army retreated to Würzburg. The Prussians now turned west against the VIIIth Federal Corps (troops of Württemberg, Baden, Hesse and Nassau) which protected Frankfurt. After the VIIIth Corps had lost combats at Frohnhofen and Aschaffenburg it gave up the defense of Frankfurt and went south-eastward to unite with the Bavarians at the river Tauber. The Prussian army followed.