Battle of Shaizar

Battle of Shaizar
Part of the Crusades
Date13–29 September 1111
ResultCrusader victory[1]
Kingdom of Jerusalem
Principality of Antioch
County of Tripoli
County of Edessa
Seljuqs Eagle.svgSeljuk Turks
Burids of Damascus
Ahlatshahs of Diyarbakir
Commanders and leaders
Baldwin I of Jerusalem
Tancred, Prince of Galilee
Bertrand, Count of Tripoli
Baldwin, Count of Edessa
Mawdud ibn Altuntash
Toghtekin of Damascus
Sukman al-Qutbi
Bursuq ibn Bursuq
Casualties and losses

In the Battle of Shaizar in 1111, a Crusader army commanded by King Baldwin I of Jerusalem and a Seljuk army led by Mawdud ibn Altuntash of Mosul fought to tactical draw but a withdrawal of Crusader forces.


Beginning in 1110 and lasting until 1115, the Seljuk Sultan Muhammad I in Baghdad launched annual invasions of the Crusader states. The first year's attack on Edessa was repelled. Prodded by the pleas of some citizens of Aleppo and spurred by the Byzantines, the Sultan ordered a major offensive against the Frankish possessions in northern Syria for the year 1111. The Sultan appointed Mawdud ibn Altuntash, governor of Mosul, to command the army. The composite force included contingents from Diyarbakir and Ahlat under Sökmen al-Qutbi, from Hamadan led by Bursuq ibn Bursuq and from Mesopotamia under Ahmadil and other emirs.

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العربية: معركة شيزر
تۆرکجه: شیزر دؤیوشو
српски / srpski: Битка код Шазара
srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски: Bitka kod Šajzara (1111)