Battle of Podol

Battle of Podol
Part of the Austro-Prussian War
Night battle by Podoli 1866.jpg
Night fighting at Podol, an 1896 illustration
Date26–27 June 1866
ResultPrussian victory
 Prussia Austria
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Prussia Julius von BoseAustrian Empire Eduard Clam-Gallas
Casualties and losses
32 killed
81 wounded
17 missing
111 killed
432 wounded
509 captured

The Battle of Podol was a minor engagement in the opening days of the Königgrätz campaign of the Austro-Prussian War in Bohemia on 26 and 27 June 1866. The battle took place in modern day Svijany between troops from the Prussian First Army (Julius von Bose's 15th Brigade) and elements of Eduard Clam-Gallas' Austrian I Corps.


On 24 June Prince Albert of Saxony had been placed in overall command of Austro-Saxon forces along the Iser river. Albert's troops joined up with Eduard Clam-Gallas' I Corps near Münchengrätz. On 26 June, Albert suggested that they occupy Turnau to the north to cover their flank. Clam-Gallas disagreed and nothing was done until the afternoon, when Albert received word of the Prussian occupation of Turnau at the same time as an order arrived from Ludwig von Benedek, the commander of the Austrian Army of the North, to hold Turnau and Münchengrätz at all costs.[1] The Allies decided to recapture Turnau and seize the hills west of the Iser beyond Podol. The bridges at Turnau and Podol would permit the Prussians to turn the Allied northern flank.[2]

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