Battle of Klingenthal

The Battle of Klingenthal was a battle fought between Swedish troops and forces of the Holy Roman Empire on November 11, 1642, during the Thirty Years' War. The purpose was to cement Swedish control of all parts of Saxony following the decisive Battle of Breitenfeld (1642).


The Second Battle of Breitenfeld was a decisive defeat of Catholic forces in Saxony, most of whom were loyal to the Holy Roman Empire, by Swedish forces under Lennart Torstensson and Torsten Stålhandske, which occurred on November 2, 1642. A breakdown in cavalry under the regiment of Colonel Madlon led to a full-scale rout of Holy Roman forces and the subsequent loss of Leipzig.[1] A disorganized contingent of infantry, with little cavalry support, subsequently fled to the vicinity of Klingenthal in extreme southwestern Saxony, where they assembled positions on the low mountains of the Bohemia-Saxony border region.

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