Battle of Harim

Battle of Harim
Part of the Crusades
Date12 August 1164
ResultZengid victory
Aleppo and Damascus
County of Tripoli
Principality of Antioch
Byzantine Empire
Commanders and leaders
Nur ad-Din Zangi
Qutb ad-Din Mawdud
Raymond III of Tripoli  POW)
Bohemund III of Antioch  POW)
Konstantinos Kalamanos  POW)
Thoros II of Armenia
Hugh VIII of Lusignan  POW)
Joscelin III of Edessa  POW)
Casualties and losses
Kalamanos, Hugh, Raymond, Bohemund, Joscelin captured

The Battle of Harim (Harenc) was fought on 12 August 1164 near Artah between the forces of Nur ad-Din Zangi and a combined army from the County of Tripoli, the Principality of Antioch, the Byzantine Empire and Armenia. Nur ad-Din won a crushing victory, capturing most of the leaders of the opposing army.


In 1163 King Amalric I of Jerusalem led an invasion of Egypt, leaving the crusader states open to attack from the east. Nur ad-Din took advantage of this to invade Tripoli, but he was taken by surprise by a large combination of enemies at the Battle of al-Buqaia[1] and was almost killed himself. He then moved north to Antioch, with assistance from his brother Qutb ad-Din in Mosul, his other vassals from Aleppo and Damascus, and the Ortoqids of the Jazira, and besieged the fortress of Harim (Harenc) in 1164. As William of Tyre says, "he stationed his engines around it in the customary manner and began to assault the place with a fury which permitted the inhabitants no rest."

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