Battle of Hab

Battle of Hab
Part of the Crusades
DateAugust 14, 1119
Burj Hab, near Ariha, (modern Syria)
ResultCrusader victory[1]
 Kingdom of Jerusalem
County of Tripoli
Principality of Antioch
Artuqids of Aleppo
Commanders and leaders
Baldwin II of Jerusalem
Pons of Tripoli
Robert Fulcoy
Ilghazi of Mardin
700 cavalry with "several thousand" infantry[2]Unknown
Casualties and losses

In the Battle of Hab (Arabic: معركة هاب‎) on August 14, 1119, a Crusader army commanded by King Baldwin II of Jerusalem won a disputed victory over a Muslim army led by Ilghazi of Mardin since the Muslim army claimed it as a victory.[3] The battle stabilized the Principality of Antioch, which had suffered a disastrous defeat only weeks before. Baldwin II managed to re-take all of the castles conquered by Ilghazi and prevented him from marching on Antioch.


On June 28, 1119, Ilghazi's Turco-Syrian army destroyed the Antiochene army at the Battle of Ager Sanguinis. After his great victory, the Muslim leader's army captured a number of strongholds in the Latin principality, but more might have been achieved. "The failure of Il Ghazi to profit from his major victory ... was due not only to his own subsequent and prolonged drunkenness, but to the scattering of his forces in search of plunder."[4]

As soon as he heard the news, King Baldwin brought a force north from his Kingdom of Jerusalem to rescue Antioch. On the way, he picked up a contingent from the County of Tripoli under Count Pons. Baldwin assembled the remnants of Antioch's army and added them to his own soldiers. Then he moved toward Zerdana, 65 kilometers east-southeast of Antioch, which was besieged by Ilghazi. While camped at the Tell Danith watering point, Baldwin found out that Zerdana had fallen. Accordingly, the Crusaders prepared to retreat to the stronghold of Hab, c. 25 kilometers southwest of Zerdana.

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