Battle of Dargo (1845)

Battle of Dargo
Part of the Caucasian War
Roubaud. Scene from Caucasian war.jpg
Date 1845
Location Dargo, Chechnya
Result Chechen-Dagestani Victory, Successful Russian Retreat
Thirdimamateflag.svg Caucasian Imamate   Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Imam Shamil
Isa Gendergenoevsky
Mikhail Vorontsov
~6,000 ~18,000 [1]
Casualties and losses
unknown 3 generals, 195 officers and 3433 men killed or wounded; 3 guns [1]

The Dargo Campaign of 1845 was a campaign and series of battles during the Murid War, the eastern phase of the Caucasus War of 1817-1864. During the campaign, Vorontsov penetrated too deeply into enemy country, was surrounded, fought his way part-way out with heavy losses and was rescued by General Freitag.

Importance of the Campaign

The Dargo Campaign is a good example of the difficulty of moving an army through a forest when there are large numbers of enemy. When there are heavy supplies or many wounded, the army becomes strung out along a road or path where it is attacked from both sides and the front and rear cannot protect each other. If march discipline is not maintained, a faster group will bunch up with the men ahead, it will lose contact with the men to the rear and isolated groups can be attacked in detail.

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