Battle of Cutanda

Battle of Cutanda
Part of Battles of the Reconquista
Date17 June 1120
ResultVictory for combined forces of Aragon and Navarre
Calatayud and Daroca in Christian hands
Almoravid dynastyAragon and Navarre

The Battle of Cutanda or Batalla de Cutanda was a battle in June of the year 1120 between the forces of Alfonso I the Battler and an army led by Ibrahim ibn Yusuf occurring in a place called Cutanda, near Calamocha (Teruel), in which the Almoravid army was defeated by the combined forces, mainly of Aragon and Navarre.

Alfonso I was aided by William IX, Duke of Aquitaine. After this battle the Aragonese captured the fortified towns of Calatayud and Daroca.

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العربية: معركة كتندة
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