Battle of Custoza (1866)

Battle of Custoza
Part of the Austro-Prussian War
The charge of the 13th Regiment of Austrian Uhlans.
Date24 June 1866
ResultAustrian victory
Flag of Italy (1861–1946).svg Kingdom of ItalyFlag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg Austrian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Italy (1861–1946).svg Alfonso La MarmoraFlag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg Archduke Albrecht
Of which only 65,000 crossed the Mincio
Casualties and losses

8,147 total:
720 killed
3,112 wounded

4,315 captured

5,650 total:
960 killed
3,690 wounded

1,000 captured

The Battle of Custoza took place on June 24, 1866 during the Third Italian War of Independence in the Italian unification process.

The Austrian Imperial army, joined by the Venetian Army, jointly commanded by Archduke Albrecht of Habsburg, defeated the Italian army, led by Alfonso Ferrero la Marmora and Enrico Cialdini, despite the Italians' strong numerical advantage.


In June 1866, the German Kingdom of Prussia declared war on the Austrian Empire. The recently formed Kingdom of Italy decided to seize the opportunity and allied with Prussia with the intention of annexing Venetia and thus uniting the Italian Peninsula. The Italians rapidly built up a military force that was twice the size of their Austrian counterparts defending Venetia.

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