Battle of Contreras

Battle of Contreras
Part of the Mexican–American War
Battle of Contreras 1847.jpg
"The Battle of Contreras" by Carl Nebel. Oil on canvas, 1851.
Date19–20 August 1847
LocationMexico City
ResultAmerican victory
 United States Mexico
Commanders and leaders
United States Winfield ScottMexico Gabriel Valencia
Mexico Agustín Jerónimo de Iturbide y Huarte[1]
Casualties and losses
60 killed or wounded[2]:295~700 killed
1,224 wounded
843 captured[2]:295
Environs south of Mexico City[3]
Disposition of forces.[3]

The Battle of Contreras, also known as the Battle of Padierna, took place on 19–20 August 1847, in the final encounters of the Mexican–American War. In the Battle of Churubusco, fighting continued the following day.


Leaving Puebla on 7 August for his march on Mexico City, the U.S. army under Major General Winfield Scott, reached Ayotla and Chalco on 11 August with the divisions of David E. Twiggs, William J. Worth, John A. Quitman, and Gideon Johnson Pillow.[2]:274 Scott moved on the south side of Lake Chalco on 15 August, advancing to San Agustín.[2]:290 Santa Anna had about 30,000 men defending the city, including 7,000 from Gabriel Valencia's Army of the North, which was located near Contreras by 17 August.[2]:291