Battle of Ba'rin

Battle of Ba'rin
Part of the Crusades
ResultZengid victory
Kingdom of JerusalemZengids
Commanders and leaders
King Fulk of JerusalemZengi of Mosul and Aleppo
Casualties and losses
Unknown, loss of castleUnknown

In the Battle of Ba'rin (Mont Ferrand) in 1137, a Crusader force commanded by King Fulk of Jerusalem was scattered and defeated by Zengi, the atabeg of Mosul and Aleppo. This setback resulted in the permanent loss of the Crusader castle of Baarin.[1]


When Zengi became ruler of Mosul in 1127 and Aleppo in 1128, the Crusaders were faced with a dangerous opponent. For several years afterward, Zengi gained power at the expense of neighboring Muslim states. By occasionally allying itself with the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, the Muslim emirate of Damascus successfully resisted Zengi's efforts to conquer that city.

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