Battle of Azaz (1125)

Battle of Azaz
Part of the Crusades
DateJune 11, 1125
ResultCrusader victory
 Kingdom of Jerusalem
Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia
Principality of Antioch
County of Edessa
County of Tripoli
Seljuqs Eagle.svg Seljuk Turks
Burid dynasty
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Jerusalem Baldwin II of Jerusalem
Leo I of Armenia
Joscelin I of Edessa
Pons of Tripoli
Aq-Sunqur il-Bursuqi
Seljuqs Eagle.svg Toghtekin


1,100 knights
2,000 infantry
Casualties and losses
Unknown1,000–5,015 killed

In the Battle of Azaz forces of the Crusader States commanded by King Baldwin II of Jerusalem defeated Aq-Sunqur il-Bursuqi's army of Seljuk Turks on 11 June 1125 and raised the siege of the town. (One authority says the battle was fought on June 13.[1])


Joscelin I of Edessa had captured Azaz in northern Syria from the atabeg of Aleppo in 1118. The next year the Crusaders under Roger of Salerno were severely defeated at the Battle of Ager Sanguinis, and King Baldwin II of Jerusalem was captured while patrolling in Edessa in 1123.

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