Bartolomeo Carducci

Descent from the Cross by Bartolomeo Carducci, Museo del Prado, 1595

Bartolomeo Carducci (1560 – 14 November 1608) was an Italian painter, better known as Carducho, the Spanish corruption of his Italian patronymic.


He was born in Florence, where he studied architecture and sculpture under Bartolomeo Ammanati, and painting under Federico Zuccari. He assisted Zuccari and Giorgio Vasari in the decoration of the cupola of the Duomo of Florence. The latter master he accompanied to Madrid, where he painted the ceiling of the Escorial library, assisting also in the production of the frescos that adorn the cloisters of that noted palace.[1] His brother, Vincenzo Carducci also aided in the work, and succeeded him as chief painter to King Philip III of Spain.

He died in Spain, where most of his works are to be found. Among the most celebrated of them is a Descent from the Cross, in the church of San Felipe el Real, in Madrid[1] (now in the Museo del Prado). Among his pupils was Francisco López.