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Coat of arms
Location of Barrax
Location of Barrax
Coordinates: 39°02′45″N 2°12′10″W / 39°02′45″N 2°12′10″W / 39.04583; -2.20278
Castilla-La Mancha
MancomunidadLa Mancha-Centro Júcar
 • MayorJosefa Perez Navarrete (2007)
 • Total189.86 km2 (73.31 sq mi)
731 m (2,398 ft)
Area code(s)967
Province code02
Municipal code015
Distance from Albacete29 km (18 mi)

Barrax is a municipality in the province of Albacete. This province belongs to the Autonomous Community of Castile-La Mancha (Spain). It is located on the plateau begins the Alcaraz mountain range. It is a mainly agricultural town surrounded by large areas of cereals.


The origin of this population, according to tradition as there are no corroborating documents, was the call Barraj sale, old coaching inn on the road between Andalusia and the center of the peninsula and the Levant, belonging then to the jurisdiction of Alcaraz, which became independent on September 20, 1564 when he was awarded the title of Villa by royal grant of Philip II of Spain.

The matching documents are referred to the year 1601, which date from the early inscriptions of the parish archives.

The first known water capacity Barrax is opposite the church of San Roque. It is a well that is currently blocked and two other wells on the outskirts of town to Munera. Later he brought the water of El Cornudillo, farm near the border with the municipality of Lezuza and the deposit was located near the Windmill. Still remains, although not very good. Tails were typical of pitchers in the ancient square of the Colonels Montoya, today "Sunday Castillejo Mayor." After that the well of the "La Morra" on October 16, 1966, as mayor Eugenio Fernández Cuenca. On October 24, 1966, the day of San Rafael, would the water to the Plaza Mayor.

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