Bangka Belitung Islands

Bangka Belitung Islands
Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
Other transcription(s)
 • Jawiبڠک بليتوڠ
 • Chinese邦加-勿里洞
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Clockwise, from top left : Parai Beach, Fuk Tet Che temple, Lengkuas Island, Matras Beach, Pasir Padi Beach, Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Tanjung Pesona Beach
Flag of Bangka Belitung Islands
Official seal of Bangka Belitung Islands
Motto(s): Bumi Serumpun Sebalai (Malay)
(Meaning: "The same root, the same place")
Location of Bangka-Belitung in Indonesia
Location of Bangka-Belitung in Indonesia
Coordinates: 2°8′S 106°7′E / 2°8′S 106°7′E / -2.133; 106.117
Country Indonesia
CapitalLambang Kota Pangkal Pinang.png Pangkal Pinang
Established21 November 2000
 • BodyBangka-Belitung Regional Government
 • GovernorErzaldi Rosman Djohan (PDI-P)
 • Vice GovernorAbdul Fatah
 • Total16,424.14 km2 (6,341.40 sq mi)
Area rank27th
Highest elevation669 m (2,195 ft)
Population (2015)[1]
 • Total1,372,813
 • Rank29th
 • Density84/km2 (220/sq mi)
Warga Bangka-Belitung (id)
 • Ethnic groupsMalays (52.5%), Chinese (29.1%),Bugis(0.3%) , others.
 • ReligionMuslim (60%), Buddhist (22.2%), Confucianism (8.3%), Protestantism (4.8%), Roman Catholicism (1.2%), Hindu (0.1%)[2]
 • LanguagesIndonesian, Bangka Malay, Hakka,bugis
Time zoneIndonesia Western Time (UTC+7)
Postcodes30xxx, 31xxx, 32xxx
Area codes(62)7xx
Vehicle signBN
HDIIncrease 0.682 (Medium)
HDI rank15th (2014)
Largest city by areaPangkal Pinang - 118.80 square kilometres (45.87 sq mi)
Largest city by populationPangkal Pinang - (174,838 - 2010)
Largest regency by areaSouth Bangka Regency - 3,607.08 square kilometres (1,392.70 sq mi)
Largest regency by populationBangka Regency - (2,029,308 - 2010)
WebsiteGovernment official site
Bangka Belitung Islands

The Bangka Belitung Islands (Indonesian: Kepulauan Bangka Belitung), is a province of Indonesia, previously a part of South Sumatra Province. Lying off the southeastern coasts of Sumatra, the province comprises two main islands, Bangka and Belitung, and several smaller ones. The Bangka Strait separates Sumatra and Bangka, and the Gaspar Strait separates Bangka and Belitung. The Natuna Sea is to the north, the Java Sea is to the south, and the province is separated from Borneo in the east by the Karimata Strait. The province bordered South Sumatra to the West, Riau Islands to the north, West Kalimantan to the east and the Java Sea to the south. The capital is Pangkal Pinang, which is the economic center of the province and seat of the Bangka-Belitung Provincial Government. Other cities and towns in Bangka-Belitung include Sungailiat, Tanjung Pandan and Manggar. As of the 2015 census, the population of Bangka-Belitung was 1,372,813. The province has an equatorial climate with tropical rainforests, which however is disappearing due to deforestation. Mount Maras is the highest point in the province and the island of Bangka, with a height of 699 m. There are several rives in the province, such as the Sebuku River, Baturusa River and Mendo River.

Bangka Belitung Islands, especially Bangka Island alternated into the kingdom of Sriwijaya and Majapahit Kingdom. After the fall of Majapahit, this province was occupied by the Sultanate of Palembang before it was colonized by the Dutch. After that, Bangka Belitung became a British colony and then handed over to the Dutch government held at Muntok on 17 March 1824 after the signing of the Anglo-Dutch Treaty. During the Dutch colonial period, there was a continuous resistance made by the local people, especially Depati Barin then followed by his son named Depati Amir. The resistance was crushed after Depati Amir was captured and ended in exile to Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara by the Dutch Government. The province remain peaceful until the Japanese captured the area on the eve of World War II. After the Japanese surrendered, the territory was handed to the Indonesian government. The territory was governed under the province of South Sumatra before being separated in 2000 as the 31st province of Indonesia. The province is governed under a governor, like other province of Indonesia. The province is separated into administrative divisions, and regency, each governed by a regent. This is closely modeled after the Residencies during the Dutch colonial era, which is again separated into smaller districts (afdeeling).

The province is ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse; major ethnic groups including Malay, Chinese and Javanese. Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of the province, while the local Malay dialect and Hakka serves as the lingua franca of the province


The name "Bangka" is derived from the word wangka (vanca) meaning "tin" in Sanskrit, because this region is indeed rich in tin mining. The name "Wangka" first appeared along with the name "Swarnabhumi" in the Indian literary book Milindrapantha from the 1st Century BC. Swarnabhumi is identified as the island of Sumatra, the strong allegation that the so-called "Wangka" is the island of Bangka. Loius-Charles Damais, in his book Epigraphy and History of the Nusantara, affirms that Bangka comes from the word vowel (vanca).

The name "Belitung" is derived from Batu Satam, or the Black Meteorite, which is commonly found in the island of Belitung. The Dutch named this meteorite as Billitonite. This stone itself was discovered at the time of tin mining in Belitung. Now, Batu Satam also known as Billitonite, is souvernir from Belitung Island.

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