Church and chapel in Bañares
Church and chapel in Bañares
Coat of arms of Bañares
Coat of arms
Bañares is located in Spain
Location of Bañares within Spain
Coordinates: 42°28′10″N 2°54′37″W / 42°28′10″N 2°54′37″W / 42.46944; -2.91028
Country   Spain
Autonomous Community   La Rioja
Province   La Rioja
Comarca Santo Domingo de la Calzada
 • Mayor Antonio Santiago Ortiz de Landázuri Llamazares ( PSOE)
 • Total 29.59 km2 (11.42 sq mi)
Elevation ( AMSL) 595 m (1,952 ft)
Population (2014)
 • Total 289
 • Density 9.8/km2 (25/sq mi)
Demonym(s) bañarense; la fajolo
Time zone CET ( UTC+1)
 • Summer ( DST) CEST ( UTC+2)
Postal code 26257
Official language Spanish
Patron saint Formerio

Bañares is a municipality of La Rioja, Spain. It is located in the comarca of Santa Domingo de la Calzada, some 45 km west of Logroño.

Its economy is primarily based on agriculture. Especially in the cultivation of potato, cereal, beets and green beans.


Municipal boundaries of Bañares.

The first references to the village of Bañares confirm its existence as early as 1051: (Scemeno Munioz de Cerratón [a] in his letter about a donation that he makes to Saint Millán, when Garsea was King of Pamplona in 1089, [b] where he stands witness before Lope Enecores de Vaniares [c]). [1]

In the year 1133 King Alfonso the Battler, who ruled over La Rioja, donated to Pedro, Archdeacon and rector of the Church of El Salvador, all the estates that touched upon the castle of Bilibio, along with all the land of the King in the village of Bañares, by Royal Decree.

In 1157, on the plain of Valpierre, near Bañares, two battles were fought between the troops of Sancho III of Castile and Sancho III of Navarre, the latter having tried to take advantage of the death of Alfonso VII to acquire Castilian territory.

By 1200, Pedro Fernández de Villegas I (hero of the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212) was lord of the behetría (benefactor) of Bañares.

The town was the scene of bloody battles in the 12th and 13th centuries between the kingdoms of Navarre and Castile.

In 1478, the title of the Earl of Bañares was granted in favor of Alvaro de Zúñiga y Guzmán, owner of the castle, of which some ruins remain today, and the town remained in its domain until the abolition of this jurisdictional system in 1811 .

It was part of the province of Burgos until the province of Logroño was created, and today it belongs to the autonomous community of La Rioja.

The village has had a hospital since 1837.

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