Autopista Norte

Autopista Norte
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Autopista Norte
Autopista Norte is located in Bogotá
Autopista Norte
Coordinates4°45′43″N 74°02′47″W / 4°45′43″N 74°02′47″W / 4.76194; -74.04639
South endAvenida Calle 80, Avenida Caracas
North endBarrio La Caro, Vereda Fusca, Chía

Autopista Norte, also called Autopista paseo de los libertadores (Way of the Liberators Highway), is a major road in Bogotá, Colombia, running through the northern part of the city to its southern end at Avenida Caracas.


The road was opened in 1956 and was named Autopista Norte until Calle 100. From that point north, it was known as Autopista paseo de los libertadores until the city of Tunja. Some time later, the name Autopista Norte came to mean the stretch of the road from its southerly beginning until Calle 194.

Due to changes in nomenclature and the urban expansion of the city to the north, the name was changed to Avenida 13 and was changed again in 2006 to Avenida Carrera 45.

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