Autonomous administrative divisions of China

Map of all minority regions under autonomous rule designated by the Central Government
Major Autonomous areas within Yunnan (excluding Hui)
Major Autonomous areas within Guizhou (excluding Hui)

Autonomous administrative divisions of China are specific areas associated with one or more ethnic minorities that are designated as autonomous within the People's Republic of China (PRC). These areas are recognized in the Constitution of China and are nominally given a number of rights not accorded to other administrative divisions. For example, Tibetan minorities in Autonomous regions are granted rights and support not given to the Han Chinese, such as fiscal and medical subsidies.[1]

Autonomous administrative divisions

The PRC's autonomous administrative divisions may be found in the first (or top) to third levels of its national administrative divisions thus:

Level Type Chinese Pinyin Number as of June 2005
province (1)   Autonomous regions 自治区 Zìzhìqū 5
prefecture (2)   Autonomous prefectures 自治州 Zìzhìzhōu 30
county (3)   Autonomous counties 自治县 Zìzhìxiàn 117
Autonomous banners 自治旗 Zìzhìqí 3