Ausiàs March

Ausiàs March
A 15th-century painting by Jacomart in the Church of Santa Maria in Xàtiva, once thought to portray Ausiàs March
A 15th-century painting by Jacomart in the Church of Santa Maria in Xàtiva, once thought to portray Ausiàs March
Beniarjó, Kingdom of Valencia (Crown of Aragon)
València, Kingdom of Valencia (Crown of Aragon)
OccupationPoet and knight
Notable worksPlena de Seny, Llir entre Cards, Amor, amor, Mon darrer bé, Oh, foll amor
Isabel Martorell (m. 1439–1441)
Joana Escorna (m. 1443–1450)

Ausiàs March (Valencian pronunciation: [awziˈaz ˈmaɾk]; 1400 – March 3, 1459) was a medieval Valencian poet and knight from Gandia, Valencia. He is considered as one of the most important poets of the "Golden Century" (Segle d'or) of Valencian literature.


Not much is known of March's life. He was born in approximately 1400 to a Valencian noble family. His father, Pere March, was himself a poet and served at the court of the younger brother of King Alfonso IV, Peter. His uncle, Jaume March II, was also a poet. March was one of the two children of Pere's second wife, Lionor of Ripoll; he had a younger sister, Peirona.[1]

In 1413, the still-young March became head of his family—part of the Valencian petty nobility—upon the death of his father. From a very young age he took part in the expeditions that King Alfons el Magnànim carried out in the Mediterranean. After returning from these expeditions in 1427, he settled in Gandia. After his return, he would never again leave the region where he was born. March was twice married: first to Isabel Martorell (sister of the writer Joanot Martorell), and later to Joana Escorna.

In 1450, he moved from Gandia to Valencia. It was there that he died on March 3, 1459. While March himself was buried in his family's chapel at the Valencia Cathedral, his two wives and family are buried in the Monastery of Sant Jeroni de Cotalba.[2] Five illegitimate children but no legitimate heirs have been attributed to him.

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