Athos (mythology)

Athos ([ˈæθɒs] Greek: Ἄθως, pronounced [ˈatʰɔːs]) from Greek mythology, was one of the Gigantes. He is most known for the creation of Mt. Athos, a mountain and peninsula in northern Greece, known as "The Holy Mountain", that is located in northern Greece. There are two versions regarding the creation of the mountain, and they both involve Poseidon, Greek God of the sea, son of Kronos and brother to Zeus and Hades. In one version of the story, Athos throws a mountain at Poseidon but misses. It is said that " Athos got away and the rock he was about to throw at the god slipped through his fingers". Poseidon then threw it back at him, thus creating Mt. Athos. In the other version Poseidon throws the mountain at Athos, creating the mountain.


Gigantes, not to be confused with the Titans who were even more powerful beings, are the Greek version of Giants. The Gigantes were often depicted as hoplite soldiers, dressed in full armor, or as a type of barbarian with panther skin clothing wielding flaming torches and rocks as weapons. They were also often depicted with serpents as legs. One myth says that the Gigantes were created when Ouranos (Uranus) was castrated by his son, Cronus, when his blood fell to the earth. Where another myth says that they were born from Gaia, with Tartaros as their father. They waged war on the gods during the Gigantomachy. The Gigantes were spurred on and encouraged by Gaia, the mother of the titans, to wage war against the gods to avenge Cronus's death. During the Gigantomachy there were many battles between the Gods and Gigantes, to which the Gigantes eventually lost. None of the Gigantes survived, except for Aristatios, who survived because Gaia transformed him into a dung beetle.

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