Argyle Street, Norwich

Argyle Street
Argyle Street Alternative Republic
Argyle Street Winter 1981.jpg
Argyle Street, in Winter 1981
Argyle Street, Norwich is located in Norwich
Argyle Street, Norwich
Location within Norwich
Maintained byNorwich City Council
Coordinates52°37′18.9″N 1°18′10.7″E / 52°37′18.9″N 1°18′10.7″E / 52.621917; 1.302972
Known forSquats in the 1980s

Argyle Street was a Victorian terraced street in Norwich, Norfolk. It became a squat lasting from 1979 to 1985. The street was then demolished in 1986. Some of the newbuild houses were subsequently demolished in 2015.


A Victorian street consisting of small two up two down terraced houses, according to Morant's map, Argyle Street was partly built in 1873.[1] In 1883-4 there were 106 families, mainly manual workers with a significant number of men employed by the railway.[2] The Jarrold & Sons Directory of 1889 lists one shopkeeper.[3]

The street was saved from slum clearance in the early 1960s, after the nearby area of Richmond, or the village on the hill was completely demolished.[4]

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