Archery, Georgia

Archery, Georgia
Archery, Georgia is located in Georgia (U.S. state)
Archery, Georgia
Archery, Georgia
Location in Georgia (US state)
Archery, Georgia is located in the United States
Archery, Georgia
Archery, Georgia
Location in United States
Coordinates: 32°01′33″N 84°26′01″W / 32°01′33″N 84°26′01″W / 32.02583; -84.43361UTC-4 (EDT)
ZIP code
Area code(s)229
GNIS feature ID326158[1]

Archery is an unincorporated community in Webster County, in the U.S. state of Georgia.[1] The community lies about 3 miles (4.8 km) from Plains.[2]

Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States, grew up in Archery on a farm which is now known as the "Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm" and is part of the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site.[3]


Jimmy Carter in 1937

Archery was laid out in 1913.[4] The community was named by William D. Johnson, an A.M.E. bishop, after the "Sublime Order of Archery", an A.M.E. social service organization benefiting poor blacks.[5] The historic railroad community was originally built up chiefly by African Americans, who then formed a majority of its population.[6] A large share of the residents engaged in sharecropping.[7] Archery was first electrified in 1938.[8] Amenities in the community included a train depot, schoolhouse, and country store.[5]

U.S. President Jimmy Carter grew up at Archery on his family's farm from age four, in 1928, until he left for college in 1941.[3] In Carter's time, the population consisted of approximately 25 black families and 2 white families, namely the Watsons and Carters.[5] President Carter recalled in 1976 that Bishop Johnson was "the best-educated, most famous, the most widely traveled, and the richest member of the community".[9] The Carter family remained at Archery until 1949; ownership of the Carter property was transferred to the National Park Service in 1994.[10]

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