The Segura river passing through Archena.
The Segura river passing through Archena.
Flag of Archena
Official seal of Archena
Location of Archena in Murcia.
Location of Archena in Murcia.
Archena is located in Spain
Location in Spain.
Coordinates: 38°06′54″N 1°17′57″W / 38°06′54″N 1°17′57″W / 38.11500; -1.29917
A. communityMurcia
ComarcaVega Media del Segura

Archena is a municipality of Spain in the autonomous community and province of Murcia. It has a population of 18,496 (as of 2012) and an area of 16.5 km2 (6.4 sq mi). It is 24 km (15 mi) away from the provincial capital, Murcia.

Archena is home to a hot water mineral spa dating back to Roman times and has 3 hotels built around it. Whilst undergoing recent development, further Roman ruins were found on the site of the spa.


The etymology of the word "Archena" is indisputably somehow related to the Indo-European root referring to "water" that appears in Arga, Erga, Arganzuela, etc., and, within the territory of Murcia, with the Argos river, Archena, Archivel, etc.[1] The origin of the word "Archena" derives from Latin arxila, which means clay, but over the years it turned into "Archena".

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