Antonov An-148

Антонов Ан-148 01-02, Киев - Антонов (Гостомель) RP29608.jpg
Antonov An-158
RoleRegional jet airliner
National originUkraine
Design groupAntonov
Built byAntonov Serial Production Plant[1]
Voronezh Aircraft Production Association[2]
First flight17 December 2004 (An-148)
28 April 2010 (An-158)
Introduction2 June 2009
StatusIn production, in service
Primary usersMinistry of Defence (Russia)
Cubana de Aviación
Angara Airlines
Air Koryo
Number built47[3][4]
Program costUS$ 592 million[5]
Unit cost

US$ 20-30 million for An-148[6]

US$ 28-30 million for An-158[7][8]
Developed intoAntonov An-178

The Antonov An-148 (Ukrainian: Антонов Ан-148) is a regional jet designed and built by Antonov of Ukraine. Development of the aircraft was started in the 1990s, and its maiden flight took place on 17 December 2004. The aircraft completed its certification programme on 26 February 2007. The An-148 has a maximum range of 2,100–4,400 km (1,100–2,400 nmi; 1,300–2,700 mi) and is able to carry 68–85 passengers, depending on the configuration.

The Antonov An-158 is a stretched fuselage version of the aircraft, accommodating up to 100 passengers.

Following a crash in February 2018, which is still under investigation, all An-148 and An-158 in Russia were grounded by the Russian Ministry of Transport.[9][10] In addition, Cubana grounded its An-158 fleet as of May 2018 due to several technical issues with the aircraft.[11] Until late 2018,[2] the Antonov An-148 aircraft was also being produced in Russia by Voronezh Aircraft Production Association, however due to the souring political relationship between Ukraine and Russia, production in Russia was discontinued.[12] The last Russian-built An-148 was completed in October 2018.[13][14]


The An-148 aircraft is a high-wing monoplane with two turbofan jet engines mounted in pods under the wing. This arrangement protects the engines and wing structure against foreign object damage. A built-in autodiagnosis system, auxiliary power unit, and the wing configuration allow the An-148 to be used at poorly equipped airfields. Flight and navigation equipment features five 15 by 20 cm (5.9 by 7.9 in) liquid crystal display panels built by Russia's Aviapribor and a fly-by-wire system, which enables the An-148 aircraft to operate day and night, under instrument flight rules and visual flight rules weather conditions on high-density air routes. Similar to the Boeing 737, the main landing gear rotates into the belly of the aircraft when in flight, with partial doors covering the legs, and the sides of the tires remaining exposed. Built-in entrance stairs enable boarding and disembarking the aircraft without extra ground equipment.[15] The manufacturer claims high fuel efficiency of the Motor Sich D-436-148 engines.[15]

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