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Coordinates20°12′S 169°49′E / 20°12′S 169°49′E / -20.200; 169.817
Area159.2 km2 (61.5 sq mi)
Highest elevation852 m (2,795 ft)
Highest pointMount Inrerow Atamein
Population915 (2009)

Aneityum (also known as Anatom or Keamu) is the southernmost island of Vanuatu, in the province of Tafea.[1]


Aneityum is the southernmost island of Vanuatu (not counting the Matthew and Hunter Islands, which are disputed with New Caledonia, but considered by the people of Aneityum Island part of their custom ownership).

Its southeastern cape Nétchan Néganneaing is the southernmost point of land in Vanuatu, more southerly than the southern satellite islet Inyeug. The latter, however, is surrounded by Intao Reef, that extends even further south, albeit submerged, thus being the southernmost feature of Vanuatu.

The island is 159.2 km2 (61.5 sq mi) in size. It rises to an elevation of 852 m (2,795 feet) in Mount Inrerow Atamein.

The larger of its two villages is Anelcauhat (AKA Anelghowhat), on the south side.

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